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Affiliate Terms and Conditions – please read all sections below before registering

To be an authorized affiliate of Idealocity, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions contained in this agreement.

Please read this agreement carefully before registering to become our affiliate. We use iDevDirect software, the industry leading product in it’s class since 1999, to track all commissions.  By signing up for the Idealocity affiliate program, you indicate your acceptance of this agreement and its terms and conditions.

Earning money with our Website Maintenance Plans is so easy! Our awesome maintenance plans will bring you more revenue. We have created banners and links for you so you can start earning money right away.


How Does It Work?

MAKE MONEY each time someone signs up for one of our Website Maintenance plans. It is SO EASY to make money as our affiliate. When you join the affiliate program you will be supplied with banners and links to place on your website or that you can email to your friends and work associates.

When a user clicks on one of the links or banners on your website, they will be sent to our website and their activity will be tracked by our affiliate software. You will then earn a commission for each purchase they make. It is that simple! Here are some more details about the program:


How much commission will you get paid? 

All of our current Website Maintenance plans will earn you a commission under the affiliate program. Any future plans will also be added to the affiliate program. You will get the following commission (maximum one payment per subscription), depending on the plan the user subscribes to. At this time the commission you can earn is as follows:

$49   one-time commission for our Basic WP-MONITOR Maintenance Plan


$79 one-time commission for our Advanced WP-MONITOR Maintenance Plan


$99 one-time commission for our Professional WP-MONITOR Maintenance Plan

We do NOT offer any recurring commissions. No Commission is paid when a user signs up for our Starter Plan or for any plan under $49 per month. No commission is paid when a user upgrades his plan/membership. For example:  If a user initially subscribes to a $49 plan and then upgrades to the $99 plan, you will be paid a total of $49 commission.  If a user initially subscribes to a FREE plan and then upgrades to any paid plan, you will not be paid any commission.


How and When Will You Get Paid?

You’ll need a PayPal account in order to participate in the affiliate program as this is how your commission will be paid to you. Payments are sent to your PayPal account on the last calendar day of every month. You will be paid your commission after the client you referred to us has made two (2) consecutive monthly payments on his account. The first 30 days of a plan are free. For example, if a client registers for a $49 monthly subscription on February 28th and makes two (2) consecutive monthly payments on his account, then you will be paid $49 on April 30th.


Can I get paid commission for my own WP-MONITOR plan?

No.  You can not get commission for signing up your own personal or company website. In other words, if you sign up to be an affiliate and post banners on a website ( e.g., you can not receive commission for the maintenance plan for  However, if you own multiple websites, you can get commission for your second website (e.g.  that signed up using a banner on your other website.


Advertisement Banners

You’ll have access to a number of different banners ( that come in a variety of sizes) and links – all you need to do is copy the HTML code provided into your site and you’re ready to start making some cash. All links and banners will be made available to you in your Affiliate Control Panel after you register and login.


This is a sample banner 300×250

WP-MONITOR wordpress maintenance service features

This is a sample banner 300×300

Affiliate Control Panel

Our Affiliate Control Panel enables you to monitor the number of clicks your links and banners have generated, the number of sales made, and the amount of commission you have earned. You will also have access to Marketing Materials and Training Materials.


Minimum Payout

Payments will only be made when your earnings have exceeded $50. If your earnings are below this for a particular month, they will added to your next month’s earnings.



By signing up to become our Affiliate, you agree to all of our Terms and Conditions listed here. Idealocity reserves the right to change these terms at any time. If the terms are changed, the changes will be listed on this page and you will see the changes  before you login to the Affiliate Control Panel.